Coding Adventures

That is, either coding adventures or having adventures while writing code.

Either way, I'm not sure yet what it will be.

What happened so far ...

In the last few weeks we've played around with variables, loops, functions and time machines. But now it's time for some adventures.

We'll write a small adventure game in the end. But at first we're just going to be polite and greet everyone who tells us our name.

Making the computer say things

We don't have to write all functions ourselves, actually the browser provides a lot of functions already.

Today will be mainly about three that aren't (really) used much on the web, but which are still very useful for our adventures.

(If you didn't type anything in the last 5 minutes, you've been doing it wrong. Go back to start.)

The Greeter

Ok, now we've got the computer saying things to us. But that last example hinted at fun stuff. Let me repeat it.

var name = prompt("What's your name?");
alert("Hello, " + name + "!");

Try variations of that. E.g. use different greetings, ask different things, maybe be a bit more polite or less polite or scream at your user by converting their name to upper case (using name.toUpperCase()).

The Picky One

But we can do more stuff. For example what if we don't want anyone to not like giraffes? We'll try that.

var likesGiraffes = confirm("Do you like giraffes?");

if (likesGiraffes) {
} else {

The Mathematician

Let me introduce another function: parseInt(textWithANumberInIt). If you pass a string to it that contains a number, then you get back that number as a number.

Why would you ever want to do such a thing? Let me show you.

var notQuiteANumber = "3";

notQuiteANumber + 2;

If you try that, your computer will do something that you might not expect.

So, try parseInt out for a bit. I'll wait here and then I'll introduce you to the mathematician.

(Did you do that? If so, read on.)

var maybeOnePlusOne = prompt("What's 1 + 1?");
if (parseInt(maybeOnePlusOne) == 2) {
    alert("Mhh... ok.");
} else {

(Let me bug you once again: Try with different numbers, calculating more complex things, different answers and so on. If you don't like whole numbers you will be delighted that parseFloat exists as well.)

The Grumpy Mathematician

Mathematicians have it very hard. They think and think all day about very complex things (and go for a walk in the park and relaxthink some more. And then people can't tell them what 1 + 1 is. (Never mind why they would like to know that. Figures.)

Anyway, sometimes they get grumpy, especially if people are very far off with their guesses.

var guess = prompt("What's 1 + 1?");
var guessNumber = parseInt(guess);

if (guessNumber == 2) {
} else if (guessNumber == 1 || guessNumber == 3) {
} else if (guessNumber > 10) {
} else {

Sorry, grumpy mathematician, you know you should have talked of drawing circles or dragons...

Our first adventure

Enough with the simple things, let's try an adventure. A small one, to be sure, but an adventure nonetheless.

alert("You are in a small room. There's a dark corner. Maybe there's a monster in it.");

var sayHello = confirm("Do you say hello to it?");
if (sayHello) {
    alert("You say hello to the monster. But it doesn't answer. Maybe it's just shy.");
} else {
    alert("The corner smiles. You're not sure if that's good.");
    alert("The monster has dinner.");

Ok, let's break that down a bit.

And now, you're going to write your own adventure. Have fun!

A bigger adventure

Let's try a bigger one. It even has two rooms!

You are in a small room. It has two doors, do you take the first?

var takeFirstDoor = confirm("You are in a small room. It has two doors, do you take the first?");

You take the first door. It's a nice room, with a comfy chair. Oh, it also has some books in it. Want to take a closer look?

// takeFirstDoor == true
var lookAtBooks = confirm("You take the first door. It's a nice room, with a comfy chair."
    + "\nOh, it also has some books in it.\n Want to take a closer look?");

You take a closer look. There are three of them. The first has lots of signs and triangles on it, the second has an eye on it and the third one has just a circle one it. Which one do you want to see? (triangles, eye or circle)

// lookAtBooks == true
var whichBook = prompt("You take a closer look. There are three of them."
    + "\n\nThe first has lots of signs and triangles on it, the second"
    + " has an eye on it and the third one has just a circle one it."
    + "\n\n Which one do you want to see? (triangles, eye or circle)");

if (whichBook == "triangle") {
    alert("Principia Mathematica, it says on the front."
        + " You think of the mathematician from before and shudder.");
    location = "";
} else if (whichBook == "eye") {
    alert("It's a book about cats, rejoice!");
    location = "";
} else if (whichBook == "circle") {
    alert("It's not a book at all, it's some kind of moving image in a frame...");
    location = "";
} else {
    alert("That's not a book!");
    location = "";

That was a lot of stuff, let's skip the rest. You can play the game here