This is a collection of materials we're using for our meetings. Feel free to look around and try some of these tutorials.

If you're curious what we do all this time, there's a nice overview that will hopefully satisfy that curiosity.

If you always wanted to do X and don't see it here, tell us!


  1. Hello, JavaScript

    Introducing literals, variables, loops and some serious counting action.

  2. Time Machine

    Learning more about loops, objects and functions and how programmers love stretching analogies.

  3. pixl

    Collaborative, contemporary art in your browser, powered by your newfound ability to draw squares and other mysteries.

  4. Coding Adventures

    Writing a text adventure game using our newly acquired skills. Involves magic, cat pictures and a grumpy mathematician.


  1. The tiniest blog

    A whirlwind introduction to HTML & basic CSS and how to get cat pictures to appear on your website.

  2. Makin' it shine

    An introduction to CSS.

  3. Blinkenlights

    Reliving the 90s and learning about CSS3.

  4. The Web is Yours

    You can look behind the scenes of any website and change it. (And how Justin Bieber just loves giraffes.)


  1. Musical Adventures

    Making music with Overtone.

  2. Singing with Sines

    Playing with SuperCollider to make music with computers


  1. Developer Tools

    The essential tools of the web developer: the Console and the Inspector. (May or may not involve actual detectives.)

  2. Documentation

    It's not all magic, or how developers can't survive without search engines for very long. (Know where to look and how yo make sense of all that fancy gibberish.)


  1. Glossary

    A handy reference to keep you from despairing in a sea of acronyms, always changing terms and lots of fancy words.

  2. How the Web works

    It's mostly cat pictures links, actually.

If you've tried some of the stuff here, please tell us what you think, so we can improve these materials for the future.

Especially if some things have been weird, incomplete, confusing or otherwise less than ideal we'd like to know that.